About Us

Welcome to Beverly Beauty, a beauty brand empowering the fitness industry to channel your inner goals without the fear of dripping sweat.

At Beverly Beauty, we are focused on developing beauty products catered to the fitness industry without trading off on proficiency and guaranteeing that our products are dedicated to challenge you to push for your goals with every workout session without worrying about your beauty being compromised.

We're all about affordability and inclusivity and encourage the fitness community of beauty enthusiasts to make the most out our range of products as we understand that fitness has now become a lifestyle for many. Everyone deserves to tackle their day without worrying about their makeup gliding off, especially after a gruelling workout at the gym.

The only thing running down your face will be your sweat and tears after reaching a new PB, and don't worry - your mascara won't be crying with you!

(Jen A - Founder)