Our Story

Fitness isn't just about getting your workouts done, it has become a lifestyle for many, including myself (Jen - Founder).

After years of investing in many mascara brands and still struggling to find a mascara that is truly gym proof (without smudging, or post panda eyes), I eliminated my efforts in finding the right mascara that will stay put throughout the day.

I knew finding a mascara that would truly last through full days at work as well as sweat drenched, high intensity gym session would be my ultimate life saver, as for everyone out there also struggling with the effect of their mascara.

Through months of testing and adjusting to create the right formula that is truly gym proof, I’m proud to present to you, Beverly Beauty's "Fitness Mascara". Perfect for all day, everyday wear through sweltering heat and dripping sweat, it is also wipe proof! Wipe your eyes all you want, the mascara will not budge.

The formula also includes lash-loving goodies to assist with growth, strengthening and lengthening lashes. We have also worked hard to include the perfect mascara wand to enhance your lashes, giving them a false-lash look without clumping or any spider legs.

Let yourself sweat, workout, and cry until your heart’s content…  No doubt, your under eyes will thank you for using Beverly Beauty’s smudge proof fitness mascara.